• We Don’t Recommend you to send BIG BULK through any whatsapp software Due to WhatsApp Algorithm
  • If you are Trying to send Bulk, WARNING! Don’t Use Important Number!  and Never use newly activated numbers for sending bulk if you realy want to send bulk promotion to your customer Buy New sim use 7-30 Days normally  by sending Hi, Hello Good morning message, to your contacts  and Joining some whats app group
  • Respect Users Privacy! Send Only Relative Message if they are interested

WhatsApp Rules Update March 3rd, 2019

  • Connect WhatsApp numbers which already >30 days old or has been used as human normal activities such as reply chats, save contact, join group, send photos, scan qr code on personal desktop whatsapp, fill in profile details, and other types of activities in WhatsApp chat application,
  • Avoid sending spam messages  that are not desired by the recipient,
  • Make informed consent or request permission to the recipient of the message who state that they are willing to be sent messages via WhatsApp,
  • Avoid sending messages in more than 400 messages/hour and Day,
  • Avoid sending messages with words or sentences that are 100% identical to >20 numbers in same time. (Please Use Spintax)
    Please use personalize such as Firstname, Last Name or Fullname.
    Spintax is very important.
  • Delay Time Between Messages 5.sec
  • Active Sleep After 5 Messages For 10 Second 
  • Old Number which you had good enough whatsapp conversation through mobile itself
  • Never use newly activated number for sending

Installation & Connect WhatsApp

a. How To Install ClickToWasap Software

  1. Download ClickToWasap Software.
  2. Extract the file. Make sure the File is 18MB. If less than 18 MB, please redownload.
  3. Install ClickTowasap.
  4. For windows 7, if cant install the Install-me-1st file, please download from microsoft here
  5. If you can’t see the Top column (License key Process), Please put your name there.
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  • If you buy from our reseller, please ask them to give you the software file

b. How To Fix Stream Read Error

  1. Search “Language Settings” on windows search
  2.  Go to “Administrative Language Settings”
  3.  Click “Change System Locale” and set the language to “English(United State)”

c. How To Connect WhatsApp Account


  1. Click Open WhatsApp Icon
  2. Scan your WhatsApp QR Code
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d. How To Connect with multiple WhatsApp Account

  1. Click File -> Create New Profile and create a new profile
  2. open the new profile from Desktop
  3. Click Open WhatsApp Icon
  4. Scan WhatsApp QR Code with a different WhatsApp number
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e. How To Fix ClickToWasap Not Ready

  1. Wait at least 5 seconds to see if your whatsapp can connect with ClickToWasap
  2. Close and restart ClickToWasap untill you can connect your whatsapp. (usually take 2-3 times)

Grab Group Number & Filter Non WhatsApp

a. How To Grab Number From WhatsApp Group

  1. Click Groups Grabber icon.
  2. Click Fetch Groups.
  3. Tick Selected Group.
  4. Click Get Contact From Selected Groups Button.

P/S : If there are no numbers are shown after “Fetching Contact From Group Have Been Done”, Please search the group, and enter the group so that WhatsApp will detect the number and redo step 1 to 4.
If still can’t mean the group is PRIVATE.

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b. How To Filter Non-WhatsApp Number

  1. Click Numbers Filter icon.
  2. Choose phone numbers from Files / Manual key-in.
  3. Files > Browse your contact numbers file .
  4. Choose file (txt, xlsx, csv).
  5. Tick Remove Duplication.
  6. Click Start Checking button.
  7.  Connect your WhatsApp Account (if still not connected)
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Sending Message, Scheduled & Timer

a. How To Send Message & Schedule

  1. Go to “Click to Import WhatsApp Number” Button.
  2. Choose Import From File/Manual Import/Import From WhatsApp Contact/Import From WhatsApp Group.
  3. Import Contact Number.
  4. Tick Remove Duplication.
  5. Choose file (txt, csv).
    Please make NEW Excel, 1st Column is Name , 2nd Column is Phone Number (with country code, no need +)
    After that, save the file as *csv format.
    You can follow this step How To Save As CSV Format by click here.
  6. Check Your Sending Settings.
  7. Choose either to Send Now or Scheduled Send.
  8. Choose Time and Date if you want to Scheduled Send (DON’T CLOSE YOU COMPUTER)

  9.  CHOOSE +Unknowns Contacts RISK MODE (if you never WhatsApp them before ).
  10.  CHOOSE My Contact  SAVE MODE (if you already have conversation and save their number).
  11. Click OK.
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b. How To Setting Interval Timer Between Message Sent

  1. Click Settings icon.
  2. Choose Connection > Normal  option.
  3. Click Sending Settings.
  4. Change Wait Between to 5 seconds and 10 seconds.
  5. Tick  Active Sleep between Sending.
  6. Change After to 30 messages.
  7. Change for to 30 seconds.
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c. How To Use Spintax in Message Template

1. Click Insert Variable.

2. Choose Insert Spintax option.

3. Enter  Your Text (Greeting or anything).

4. Click Add to Message.

d. How To Use Variable

You can use up to 5 variables when sending message. Follow the step below.
1. Make an excel file contain WhatsApp list number followed by variable you want, then save as an excel file (.xlsx), MAKE SURE WRITE THE NUMBER STARTED WITH COUNTRY CODE, this is the example of the excel format:

Actually the first line (name, phone, etc.) does not need to be written, but to facilitate the explanation we write it like that.

2. Next, convert the format (.xlsx) to (.csv), for simplest way please search on Google with keywords “Convert excel to CSV online”, we take the example of using Convertio.co
You can follow this step by click here.

3. Next, please go to the ClickToWasap Software, then upload the CSV file earlier:

4. Click Browse and go to your file folder

5. When you upload a file, please select a comma seperate value file (*csv) 1st.

6. If you Label the 1st row (Name, Phone, etc), please Tick use first row as header

7. Click Import

8. You can call data in the contact list using variables by writing “[[varx]]“, x is the order of variables from left to right after the number, for example:
“Ahmad Ali,60123456789,t-shirt,RM40”
then when we write [[fullname]] in the broadcast template, it will appear Ahmad Ali, when writing [[firstname]] then it will appear Ahmad, [[lastname]] is Ali, [[VAR1]] is t-shirt and [[VAR2]] is RM40.

The purpose of the two elements above (spintext and variables), are to reduce the risk of whatsapp numbers been banned ’cause of broadcasts activity, because one of banned number’s main reason is the number send bulk identical messages in the same time.

Then the example of writing a broadcast template is as follows:

9.  When everything is ready, make sure the status is Green : You Are Logged In (already scanned qr code), then choose either Send Now or Schedule Send

P/S: You can put a whole sentences into the column, Not just 2 or 3 words. 

e. How To Send Text as Image Caption

You can send message inside an image. Follow the step below
1.Insert Photos

2.Right Click and Choose Set Caption

3. Type your message (if you already make at message template, please cut and paste here)

4. Click OK

f. How To Add Catalog To Message (NEW)


g. How To Add Interactive Buttons To Message (NEW)

there’s a UI error that make you unable to see the created buttons

Don’t worry, the created button is there(though you can’t see it)

we will fix this error on the next ClickToWasap update

h. How To Import/Export Button/Catalog Template (NEW)

i. How To Save As CSV Format

Convert the format (.xlsx) to (.csv), for simplest way please search on Google with keywords “Convert excel to CSV online”, we take the example of using Convertio.co with the following steps:

1. Select the file that was saved on your computer
2. After that, please make sure everything is correct then click “Convert” and wait for loading to finish,

3. Please click the “Download” button and save your file

4. When you upload a file, please select a comma seperate value file (*csv) 1st.

Account Engager (NEW)

Auto Reply

a. How To Set Auto Reply

  1. Go to Set Auto Reply.
  2. Enter your Auto Reply Name.
  3. Choose Condition Type .
    = is exact word. use small letter case sensitive
  4. Enter your Auto reply Keyword. Please make sure use only small letter for keyword
    Example : hi
    Enter your Auto Reply Message.
    Choose Image / PDF / File that you want to send (Optional)
  5. Tick Enable Rule .
  6. Click OK .

Make sure you make on Notepad 1st. DON’T COPY FROM WHATSAPP DIRECTLY
Auto Reply Only will reply when you not in chat with the recepient (both phone / WhatsApp Web)

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b. How To Set Auto Responder

1. Autoresponder is different from Set Auto Reply which Set Auto Reply only will reply with the keyword that have been set up.
2. Autoresponder is best use when you are away /busy / driving / meeting / rest

c. Text/Image/Messages are not sending!

Make sure your recipient number start with your country code! Example : 60123456789

Make sure you make on Notepad 1st. DON’T COPY FROM WHATSAPP DIRECTLY

  • Paste your copywriting on notepad (if you copy from whatsApp)
    Save the notepad as .txt format
    1. CTRL + C (from whatsapp)
    2. Then CTRL + SHIFT + V to notepad
    3. Save Notepad as .txt format
  • Import your copywriting from txt file. File > Import Message
  • increase delay Time in Setup
  • Don’t Minimize Web WhatsApp While Sending Message
  • Disable Chrome extension if any activated
  • Make Sure you installed latest version of Chrome. (Click : > Help > About Google Chrome)
  • Make sure you using ClickToWasap V.19
  • Check Updated Version Of ClickToWasap Here
  • Make sure your image file is small (Below 30KB). you can compress your image Here

Sent Report & Save Template

a. How To Show Sent Message Report

  1. Click Send Campaign icon.
  2. Choose Date and Time / Last 30 Days.
  3. Choose the campaign to check the detail.
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b. How To Save Message As Template

  1. Create your Message Template text.
  2. Go To File > Save Message  option.
  3. Enter your Template Name.
  4. Repeat Step  1 to 3 for another message template.
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