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Send order notification, schedule unpaid order reminder, and create chat bot via WhatsApp right from your WordPress dashboard. Built for WooCommerce. Fully compatible with Caldera Forms, Elementor and many more.

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Click2Wasap Plugin for WooCommerce

Learn how this plugin could leverage your business by transforming your WhatsApp account into powerful notification & chat bot that integrate seamlessly to your site.

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Now your Customer Services are FREE From Very EXHAUSTING Manual Follow-Up Routines !

Let’s Try Click2Wasap in Action

Get WhatsApp notification by simulate an order from one of these Demo products

* You will get new order notification right after place a demo order & follow-up order notification after 1 day

Learn How Our Click2Wasap
Works & Connect to Your Number

1. Scan your WhatsApp

Connect your phone to Click2Wasap by scan a qrcode of WhatsApp on our dashboard

2. Install Click2Wasap Plugin

Install Click2Wasap plugin from your WordPress dashboard, setup plugin settings, and we are done!

3. Start sending message

Now you can send a test message, activate order notification, run chat bot or setup webhook



Click2Wasap is a Woocommerce add-on plugin /extension which functions are sending order detail & automatic reminder notifications to your customer’s WhatsApp.

For Non Programmer, after you install the Click2Wasap Plugin on your WordPress or activate Click2Wasap on integrated platform, every time a customer orders on your woocommerce website or any platform integrated, Click2Wasap will automatically send messages (and or images) to customers’ WhatsApp about order details,

not only that, Click2Wasap can also send automatic reminder messages if after many days the customer has not yet completed the payment with a message template that you set yourself.

For programmers or those who have an IT team, you can use Click2Wasap for any purpose you want through our OPEN API at with no additional cost.

Click2Wasap will use your custom or personal number(s)

Click2Wasap’s procedure is to automate your WhatsApp on our server, so if you have already scanned WhatsApp’s qr code on the Click2Wasap server, you cannot use it simultaneously on the WhatsApp in your own personal computer

No, we are a separated company which only automates your normal WhatsApp applications to send messages without have to typing manually by your Owner / Customer Service

No you’re not ! This service is not intended to do SPAM / send random messages that are not desired by the recipient (Unsolicited Message).

As a WhatsApp normal rule for sending Instant Messaging messages to people who have not saved your contact yet, then the risk is still exist if in a sufficient number of customers either intentionally / accidentally click ‘spam’ or ‘report’ in the message that you send, even though the possibilities are very small especially if you use WhatsApp for Business,

This risk is further reduced by giving you the option to include a checklist on your store’s checkout page which asking for approval to send order details to their WhatsApp account.

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