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Special For Those Who Want To Optimize Marketing Through Whatsapp

Introducing Software

If You Want To Optimize Marketing In WhatsApp, then ClickToWasap™ is a must have for you!

Forget Manual Method – We Automate it ALL!

No More Boring Manual Tasks, Spend More Time to Close Sales & Missing Out on Opportunities...

"If you already have a lot of contacts on WhatsApp, you can use this software to do follow up. No need to waste a lot of time to follow up one by one. Follow up is very important in a business."

4 Main Functions of ClickToWasap™

Bulk Send WhatsApp

Auto Reply

Fast Filter


and Another 11 Essential Functions

Click To Send

You can send bulk messages to hundreds or thousands customer with just 1 click button. Either text only or include Images to existing numbers in your WhatsApp contacts or import from outside (TXT, CSV, XLS formats).

“To reduce the risk of blocking, you can set an interval 5 seconds per message & sleep for a few minutes before sending again. You can also send a message to the group2 you join!”

Click To Auto Reply

You can set auto reply for any keyword that your prospects and customers often ask.

Create as many keywords and counter automation as you want.

“You can set a rule whether autoreply will occur with the exact keyword or contain the words in the keyword!”

Click To Fast Filter

You can check the phone number whether the number is Valid (can send WhatsApp messages) or invalid. You can validate numbers at random, extract from WhatsApp group or import from TXT file. You can save a valid number to your contact list (vCard format).

“However, the system will skip sending a message if the number is invalid. So you do not have to worry about sending messages to your prospect list even if the number is invalid!”

Click To Extractor

You can easily scan all WhatsApp groups in your account, and you can even extract all the numbers from those groups! Invite them to join your group or send them the appropriate advertising message.

“Not only that, you can also get all the WhatsApp numbers of people who have chatted with you or the WhatsApp numbers in your contact list!”

What Our Client Say?

Ahmad Asmaon

"Bagus dan Mudah digunakan. Of course sales meningkat selepas gunakan ClicktoWasap!"


"mmg bagus untuk pakai ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/10"


"Is very useful apps...and its help me a lot for doing marketing tools"


"Sangat baik untuk business saya. Terima kasih memudahkan kerja. Berbaloi bayar lebih sikit dari beli software di Shopee yang sekejap sekejap kena Ban😅"


"Best...mudah...membantu. Lancar.. best bila ada personalize mesej."


"Sangat bagus dan senang untuk digunakan. respon dari pihak pengurusan pun sangat laju seandainya ada masalah atau soalan yang hendak ditanya"


"It is great, best app ever. Affordable price."

Ming Jing

"So far so good. Ada update dan support"

Nor Suria

"Software ini membantu saya dalam memudahkan penghantaran wassap tanpa perlu menyimpan no. telefon terlebih dahulu."

Kun Kei Yan

"Very good. I like it. And customer service also responsive."


"Sangat best dan senang digunakan"


'Sumpah nyesal beli wasapblaster (Shoppe). Kalau tahu beli ClickToWasap pakej Advance"



RM 399


RM 199


RM 99

Please Read Before Buy! 

  • ClickToWasap™ Software only working for Window7, Window8, Window8.1 and Window10 OS only. If you are using Mac OS, please install parallel desktop to use this software (Need To Buy).
  • Not working for phone (android or ios).
  • License valid for 365 days after Key-In into software.
  • You do not have to buy blast credit with us because the ClickToWasap ™ system does not require it. You just have to buy the system and you can continue to blast.
  • We Do Not Responsible for any loss or damage such as being banned by WhatsApp, Lost of Customer due to Software Problem.
  • Support only provided via WhatsApp, If want Remote Control Support, Additional Fee is charges (RM50 / Hour)
  • If You want to get 1 license at RM3.99, Please click DOWNLOAD NOW Button and Choose COMPANY PACKAGE
Beware of clone or pirate software similar to ours! They will ask for your hardware ID ! They give you cracked license and their software might be contain viruses, malware and randsomware! They might steal your important information. Protect your personal data and buy a valid license from us at a reasonable price!
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